Engagement at Taylor Family Ranch | Kayla & Brannon | Yuba County Engagement Photographer

It's crazy to think that over 10 years ago I met Kayla while showing sheep at the Yuba-Sutter fair. And at that time I would have never guessed that we would go on for the next 4 to 5 years competing together and against one another in our little Northern California fair circuit. Eventually, we went to college and became adults, leaving behind our sheep showing days. So after Kayla got engaged last December and I received an email regarding photographing her wedding day, I was over the moon!

Naturally, Kayla & Brannon selected her family's ranch for their engagement session. Which was amazing to start the session overlooking the nearby mountains! The few hours we spent together was full of laughter, and lots of animals -- including a special guest star. I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding in June!

Hills with sheep and blue sky
Girl laughing and guy smiling at her
Kissing her on forehead overlooking mountains
arms wrapped around each other
staring into each others eyes
couple with their two dogs
woman petting red cow
couple smiling with red cow inbetween
couple walking and smiling
man smiling at fiance
couple smiling at each other with cows in the background